What Are the Current Design Trends for Tents with Logos?


Promotional tents and retractable banners are essential for the participation at events for businesses, such as trade fairs and expositions and having your logo imprinted on the walls or on the top of your tent is also important for the success of your brand building efforts. There are various ways to use your logo on your tent – here are some of the trendiest ways.

Adding Your Logo to Your Tent Top

Depending on the type of your tent, you can imprint the tent top with a small logo or you can use a large logo that occupies your entire tent top. You should make the decision about the size of the logo based on the colors in your logo – if your logo consists mainly of dark, saturated colors or black, it is probably a better idea to imprint the tent with smaller logos to avoid creating a very somber appearance.

Adding Your Logo to Your Tent Walls and Banners

If you are using a walled tent, you can add your logo to the walls, too. Displaying the logo on all the walls is a great way to create a consistent tent design, but you can also choose to display the logo on two walls and to decorate the back wall of the tent with the shapes and colors of the logo, but not with the logo itself to avoid overcrowding the tent design.

Using a 3D Logo to Attract Even More Attention

Logos with gradients are great for customizing promotional tents. Any traditional logo can be easily transformed into a 3D version that uses gradients to add depth to your logo. You can apply the 3D logo on your tent walls in combination with your conventional logo or you can use only the 3D version, whichever suits the size and the structure of your tent better.

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Add a Motto to the Logo

Mottos are just as important as logos – they emphasize the message expressed through your logo and tell your tent’s visitors more about your company. If you have not had a motto until now, try to come up with a catchy one and ad it underneath or above your logo sign or on your retractable banners. Pay attention to the font used for displaying the motto, too – it should be consistent with your logo design.

Use Neon Logos

Illuminated logos, signs, and retractable banners are great attention grabbers and modern technology allows for creating such signs for low costs. Find a reliable company that provides such services and discuss your options – show them your logo or your logo versions, tell about your tent and where you want to place your logo, ask for information about your options to power the logo and request design versions.

Use a Flat Screen Inside Your Tent

Flat screens installed in your promotional tent is a great way to convey important information about your business. If you have promotional videos, you can run them on the screen during opening hours and you can also use the screen to display your logo in the highest digital quality.