How to Hire a Recruitment Agency


You only have one week to recruit for a real estate agent position and you have received 1000 applications on job portals. The manager’s agenda is announced loaded with business meetings, profile events, views and you would give anything so that you have 10 good candidates at the interview, to choose from.

Leave everything to a recruitment agency that helps you save time, money, energy and gives you access to its contacts with the best professionals on the job market!

How do I choose a recruitment agency?

  • Word of mouth – Ask friends, colleagues, business partners what recruitment agency they work with and what references they can provide about it.
  • Online Search – Search for recruitment agencies / recruitment firms / executive search firms on search engines. The first page with results is also the most reliable: here you will find important agencies with experience in recruiting for large companies that also have SEO optimized sites, are customer-oriented, offer a pleasant and easy browsing experience, as well as a business image – these are references about the professionalism and seriousness that characterizes them when you use their services.
  • Social Media – Search for recruitment agencies on professional and social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and analyze their profiles: Does it look professional? Is it updated? Does the agency recruit for the type of job you have available?
  • Online Media – Another way to find a recruitment agency is to read online career magazines and profile sites that feature lists of recruitment agencies, as well as statements from HR managers. Thus, you get an impression about the most visible agencies and their degree of expertise.
  • Phone – Once you’ve found an agency that fits your professional needs, ask for more details on the phone and analyze how the phone call goes. Does it take place in a professional and friendly tone or it rather seems hurried and without consideration? These are important signals. Also consider the attitude after the conversation: does the agency send you an e-mail with a presentation and an offer? If everything goes professionally and quickly, it is worth choosing it to represent you.

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The benefits of hiring a recruitment agency

  • The recruitment agency takes over the whole process of organizing the recruitment (identifying project requirements / defining job profile; establishing candidate search strategy / activating their attraction channels; creating preliminary/ long lists; supporting interviews; creating shortlist of candidates; presenting profiles, scheduling direct interviews with the employer, feedback interviews, follow up for the integration of the candidate.
  • It offers you valuable candidates, the agency having contacts and experience in recruiting them.
  • Time management – reduces your interview time by matching candidates` skills with employers and allows you to focus on the candidates that best fit your job requirements.
  • It offers a system of significant cost reduction than if you personally handled all the applications.
  • Consultancy and expertise relevant to the market
  • You can also get valuable labor law tips as well as different candidate evaluation tools