The Castle Rock Real Estate Market – Varied and Friendly Housing Options in a Beautiful City


Castle Rock is among the most affluent and the most attractive settlements in the entire state of Colorado – small wonder the Castle Rock real estate market is developing and expanding so rapidly and the fact that local properties are among the hottest listings is not surprising either. Here are a few of the features that make the area so much sought after.

The Spectacular Location Will Take Your Breath Away

Castle Rock belongs to the Denver Metropolitan Area. Located halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs, at about 30 miles from the state capital, the city is just off the Rampart Range of the Rockies, with superb views over Dawson Butte, Mount Evans, Devils Head and Pikes Peak. Castle Rock is traversed in the north by the East Plum Creek and lies in the middle of a hilly area of unparalleled beauty.

beautiful Colorado view from terrace

Castle Rock makes the most of the opportunities provided by the natural beauty that surrounds it. There are lots of parks and open spaces in and around the city – wonderful destinations for picnics and camping – and the trails in the surrounding hills are perfect for a day out in any season.

Demographics and Education

Castle Rock had a population of just over 48,000 in 2010, but the community is expanding rapidly due to interest attracted by its excellent location and ample amenities. The local community is young and affluent – almost half of the 16,688 local households consist of families with small children, median age is around 33.8 years of age, median home value is slightly under 350,000 dollars and median household income is almost double compared to the national median household income.

Castle Rock is an excellent place for families with children and not only because the closely-knit communities in the city’s neighborhoods are safe and calm, but also because the city has excellent schools at all levels from kindergarten to high school.

Neighborhoods and Properties

Castle Rock boasts some of the safest and most attractive neighborhoods in the entire state:

  • The Meadows – a large district with over 20 neighborhoods, great schools at all levels and amazing views of the surrounding landscape,
  • Founders Village – an area of single-family homes available either for rent or for sale. The price range for properties offered for sale in the district is varied, so buyers can surly find the property that suits both their tastes and their budget in the neighborhood,
  • Crystal Valley Ranch – the district in the heart of the city has old and brand-new homes available for sale. The properties are mainly single-family homes, but multi-level homes and ranch-style homes are also available.

The Bottom Line

Castle Rock has been consistently ranked by numerous prestigious magazines among the best places to live in the US and indeed, life in the city is just great. If you are currently looking for a small city with a welcoming suburban atmosphere and great amenities to relocate to, the Castle Rock real estate market provides lots of great options, whether your budget is limited or not.