How Expensive Is a Full Roof Replacement?


Talk About Pricing On New Roofing

Being outdated in terms of performance, an old and unsightly roof will require serious repairs, or a replacement altogether. Being about your safety and comfort, replacing your roof should not be seen as an unwanted expense, but rather as a long-term investment.

What is the budget you need?

One of the great concerns of homeowners, when it comes to replacing their roof, is related to the cost of this operation. In order to be able to plan your budget to the smallest details, you need to take into account a number of factors that contribute to the final price. Here they are:

  • The type of roofing material

The total cost of a roofing system depends on the type of materials you choose: metal or ceramic tiles, bituminous shingles, wood shakes etc.  – all these represent different options, each one with its own characteristics and price. Choosing the roofing materials depends on the weather in your area, the roof type and inclination, as well as on the building`s resistance structure.

  • Surface and geometry of the roof

Before contacting a manufacturer or distributor, you should take the correct roof measurements. You will be able to get an estimated price, but it will be greatly influenced by the type and amount of accessories you will need.  Also know if you need to call a flat roofing company Dallas offers specifically or one who works with all types of roofing designs.

Never make a decision just by taking into account the price per square meter of a particular material, if you do not want to have unpleasant surprises! An on-site inspection performed by a roofing specialist is what you need for a complete and correct estimate.

  • The pluvial system

The overall cost of replacing your roof is not accurate without adding the budget for acquisition and installation of a drainage system (gutters and downspouts), or drainage holes. A pluvial system aims to protect the building, by directing away water resulted from rain or snow. The quality of a pluvial system resides in the materials it is made from, that should be corrosion-resistant under conditions of constant humidity, UV radiation and seasonal fluctuations in temperature.

  • Roof accessories

Each roof needs accessories to ensure proper installation and tightness of all its elements, as well as its aesthetic aspect. To avoid mismatches, you should opt for accessories made or recommended by the manufacturer of the roof system. For example, if you are going for metal tiles, you should also purchase sheet metal accessories from the same manufacturer, matching the same style and providing the quality you need.

Another aspect that must not be neglected when you plan your budget for replacing your roof is finding the right team of specialists. You will have to select your roofer carefully, because a faulty installation of a roof system will automatically incur additional costs due to the loss of material resulting from wrong measurements or lost warranty on the purchased products.

Any professional company should be willing to offer you a free estimate for your roof replacement project, so should contact several roofing companies in your areas and get estimates from each of them, to compare them and choose the one that suits you.