Gutter Installation Tips for Your Home: What to Decide and How Much Will It Cost?


Experts offering gutter installation tips for your home can tell you right off the bat that gutters are a crucial part knowing how to deal with excess rainwater, prevent ice dams, and avoid serious damage to your walls, basement and foundation. However, gutter installation isn’t always a straightforward process, and some homeowners are at a loss about what to choose and how much they should expect to pay.

old gutter full of weedsBefore deciding on a price, you will have to actually determine whether or not your gutters need replacing. Also, with the help of a reliable Colorado Springs roofing contractor, you shouldn’t have much difficulty in getting everything sorted out, regardless of whether you need gutter repair or the setup of an entirely new system.

Do You Really Need to Replace Your Gutters?

The National Association of Homebuilders will tell you that many gutter designs are actually sturdier than they seem. Typically being built from sturdy aluminum or galvanized steel, it can withstand the test of time quite well, and some copper gutters can last for up to half a century.

However, there are times when extensive wear and damage will lead you to the necessity of replacing your old gutter system. Here is when this might become important:

  • If there are a lot of cracks, rust spots or extensive damage that cannot be easily repaired, then it might be a better idea to just get an entirely new gutter system.
  • That is also an option when your gutters are exceedingly old and worn out, so you can consider replacing them as a preventive measure even before the rust sets in.
  • In some cases, the nails and screws that fasten the gutters to the fascia of your home can come loose and even fall on the ground. If this happens, replacing them might not be possible after some time.
  • When sections of your gutters separate and parts even fall on the ground, then repairing them can be a difficult and tedious job. In some cases it’s not even possible – or at least not a financially practical option.
  • Finally, even if the gutters are just starting to pull away from the roof, replacing them might be a more lucrative option than trying to repair them. If the slope is ruined, you might get water gathering in certain areas that, in time, can cause a whole lot of trouble.

How Much Do New Gutters Cost?

The national average for gutter replacement costs can range between $1,000 and $2,400. Depending on the types of gutters, gutter material and labor difficulty associated with your project, prices can differ greatly. For instance, aluminum gutters cost up to $9 per foot, while the maximum price for cheaper, vinyl gutters will only be $5 per foot.

The labor costs are also extremely important, since the work required for installing about 50 feet of gutters can take about 6-7 hours. To reduce that amount of time and still get a great price – at about 3 days and less than $2,500 required for installing a typical 150 foot-long gutter system – experts offering gutter installation tips for your home will recommend that you hire only the most efficient and experienced local Colorado Springs roofing company contractors.