Find the Top New Siding Products and Give Your Home a Real Makeover


When you’re thinking of giving your home a complete makeover, using the top new siding products has become a prerequisite, especially when you want to add an improved definition and color to your house with the purpose of selling it.

house exteriorThe facade of your home can give it an entirely new look overall, and it can also contribute to increasing its value to a considerable extent. Moreover, whether you plan on staying there for decades to come, or you want to sell as quickly as possible, getting the top new siding materials available on the market will make your home look great for a very long time to come.

Popular Types of Siding to Think of Buying

New siding products are typically selected not just according to the newest trends on the market, but also as a result of new technologies and manufacturing techniques that manufacturing companies use to come up with them. Typically, however, wood siding remains one of the most popular choices on the market.

Newer clapboard wooden products are still made from sturdy red cedar in the United States, but they get extra points for their improved attractiveness and durability. Wood is no longer as fragile as it used to be, and some contractors can also install it at a significantly low cost.

Brick siding has also become more popular in recent years. Having been used for hundreds of years, bricks are arguably one of the sturdiest materials used for siding. Newer brick siding products use improved membranes installed between the brick veneer and the wall, to protect your home against water.

Finally, probably the most popular new siding product is fiber cement or concrete siding. Although older homes using fiber cement used to have moisture-related issues, newer materials were perfected in recent years to withstand water damage and last longer in general.

Tips for Siding Installation and Maintenance

It’s not enough to just buy the right type of new siding. If you really want your home to look great, and you want to maintain that appearance for years to come, consider also following these tips and recommendations:

  • First you have to make sure you measure accurately and calculate the right amount of siding to use. If you know the height of your home, you won’t even need a ladder. Just multiply the height with the length of each rectangular section of your home’s exterior, and add all the numbers together to get the total square footage of siding that you’ll need.
  • The prices of your siding can differ, however, since siding is installed per square footage, you can also get a rough estimate of your total expenses without the help of a contractor. Just multiply the price of the siding with the square footage you need, and add roughly $2,000 to $4,000 for labor.
  • You can greatly increase the life of your siding by having it installed professionally by a Bentonville roofer and conducting maintenance and repairs before any problems you observe get bigger. Add more attic insulation to prevent damming, and make sure you check your siding under the eaves for signs of water damage.

With the basic tips presented here you can make an inspired choice not only when it comes to buying the top new siding products on the market, but also in terms of keeping your siding in ideal shape for the next few decades.