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Retail Property

Small strip centers generally range from five to ten tenants and cover 6,000 to 15,000 sq. ft. Many large grocery chains initiate these as brand anchor stores with 10-20 smaller shop-space tenants. CSSD Colorado have resources available to help you evaluate the property for length of existing leases, financial strength of the tenants, age, and condition of the property and risk exposure.

Farms and Ranches

Farm and ranch properties have agricultural acreage used primarily for food-product production (including cattle and dairy, crops, hay, alfalfa, etc). Farm and ranch properties present a wide variety of options-whether you are looking to buy, lease, or invest in an agricultural enterprise. CSSD Colorado Commercial Professionals can provide assistance to help locate the property that aligns with your resources and location requirements.

Hotels and Motels

Hotels and Motels can be an interesting opportunity-whether you are looking to buy, lease, or invest. Properties may be utilized for income, tax relief, and appreciation. You should consult with your tax/financial advisor about specific tax and financial advice.

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What is the Upside of Hiring a Real Estate Agency to Sell My Home?

With so much information immediately available on the Internet, you might be wondering, “Why should I work with a real estate agent to sell my house?”. This is a question that is rightly asked, as hiring an agent involves some costs that, at least theoretically, could be avoided. Some people manage to sell their home on their own efficiently, but many do not. So here is why it is worth considering hiring a professional real estate agent to sell your home. Education and experience You do not need to know everything about selling real estate if you hire a real estate professional. We are all looking for ways to earn more precious time in our lives and hiring professionals provides us with this time. Knowing the neighborhoods Real estate agents either have personal knowledge in your neighborhood, or know where to find the news about the market. They can identify similar sales, and point clients in the direction where they can find more information about schools, crime or other topics of interest. Information about market conditions New homes Erie CO real estate agents can reveal market conditions that influence the selling process. Data, such as: average costs per square meter for similar houses, average selling prices, daily market averages and sales list reports, prices – among other criteria – will have a very big impact on your home selling process. Professional network Real estate agents are connected in a network with other professionals, such as real estate appraisers; many of them provide services that you may need in the future. new homes Erie CO Negotiation skills and confidentiality If you are interested in new homes Erie CO properties, top agents, who are efficient professionals, know how to negotiate, because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they are not affected by the emotional aspects of the transaction, being specially trained for such situations. This is part of their job description. Good agents are not just messengers, handing offers to the buyers from the sellers and vice versa. They are professionals who are trained to present their client’s case in the best possible light and who agree to protect clients’ confidential information from competing interests. Operation with the necessary documents One-page contracts were prevalent in the early 1970s. Today’s sales/ purchase contracts span 10 pages or more – which does not include references to the legislation in force or the information dictated by local aspects. Most real estate files have average thicknesses of 3 to 10 cm! Due to a small mistake or an omission, you could end up in court, or it could cost you a lot of money. That is why it is better to let the real estate agency deal with this aspect. Answering questions after concluding the transaction Many questions that may arise and that have been overlooked in the enthusiasm to close the transaction require answers. Professional and reliable agents representing new homes Erie CO listings are ready to help you – they won’t let you down and they will help you to deal with situations even after concluding the transaction.    

How to Hire a Recruitment Agency

You only have one week to recruit for a real estate agent position and you have received 1000 applications on job portals. The manager’s agenda is announced loaded with business meetings, profile events, views and you would give anything so that you have 10 good candidates at the interview, to choose from. Leave everything to a recruitment agency that helps you save time, money, energy and gives you access to its contacts with the best professionals on the job market! How do I choose a recruitment agency?
  • Word of mouth – Ask friends, colleagues, business partners what recruitment agency they work with and what references they can provide about it.
  • Online Search – Search for recruitment agencies / recruitment firms / executive search firms on search engines. The first page with results is also the most reliable: here you will find important agencies with experience in recruiting for large companies that also have SEO optimized sites, are customer-oriented, offer a pleasant and easy browsing experience, as well as a business image – these are references about the professionalism and seriousness that characterizes them when you use their services.
  • Social Media – Search for recruitment agencies on professional and social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and analyze their profiles: Does it look professional? Is it updated? Does the agency recruit for the type of job you have available?
  • Online Media – Another way to find a recruitment agency is to read online career magazines and profile sites that feature lists of recruitment agencies, as well as statements from HR managers. Thus, you get an impression about the most visible agencies and their degree of expertise.
  • Phone – Once you’ve found an agency that fits your professional needs, ask for more details on the phone and analyze how the phone call goes. Does it take place in a professional and friendly tone or it rather seems hurried and without consideration? These are important signals. Also consider the attitude after the conversation: does the agency send you an e-mail with a presentation and an offer? If everything goes professionally and quickly, it is worth choosing it to represent you.
recruitment agencies The benefits of hiring a recruitment agency
  • The recruitment agency takes over the whole process of organizing the recruitment (identifying project requirements / defining job profile; establishing candidate search strategy / activating their attraction channels; creating preliminary/ long lists; supporting interviews; creating shortlist of candidates; presenting profiles, scheduling direct interviews with the employer, feedback interviews, follow up for the integration of the candidate.
  • It offers you valuable candidates, the agency having contacts and experience in recruiting them.
  • Time management – reduces your interview time by matching candidates` skills with employers and allows you to focus on the candidates that best fit your job requirements.
  • It offers a system of significant cost reduction than if you personally handled all the applications.
  • Consultancy and expertise relevant to the market
  • You can also get valuable labor law tips as well as different candidate evaluation tools